What’s cooking?

I’m So Alone

After tons of pasta, laughs, and a potential carpal tunnel, our first-ever Free Pizza Writers Room has completed writing a full season of I’m So Alone. Pre-production for the pilot will start in 2020.


Happy to be releasing the short Exes in 2020. Morale of the story: exes can’t be friends. Don’t even try.

Play Dates

Coming 2020: Play Dates, a web series about a 20-something nanny who meets a rotating cast of weirdo moms in a Santa Monica park. If Teachers had a baby with Mrs. George from Mean Girls, you’d get this short that explores motherhood in La La Land.

Hostel Environment

Recently, we held a successful table read for a sitcom pilot Hostel Environment. Inspired by years abroad, Hostel Environment takes the unique vibes of hostel living and mashes it together with a “How I Met Your Mother”-style crush of the week.

When We Were Drunk

Next up: a writers room for “When We Were Drunk”, a sitcom about barely functioning millenials who every week have to procedural-style solve the mystery of just what went down when they were drunk. WWWD is a lighthearted reminder that you can always retrace your steps from the night before with a little help from your girls. 

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