What’s cooking?

We are currently in pre-production for Play Dates, a short about a 20-something nanny who meets a rotating cast of weirdo moms in a Beverly Hills park. If Teachers had a baby with Mrs. George from Mean Girls, you’d get this short that explores motherhood in La La Land.

Also shifting into pre-production mode is “Weekend 2” – a dramedy short film about a hungover couple trying to survive their relationship after a music festival on a road trip adventure in the desert.

Recently, we held a successful table read for a sitcom pilot “Hostel Environment”. Inspired by years abroad, “Hostel Environment” takes the unique vibes of hostel living and mashes it together with zany characters plus a “How I Met Your Mother”-style crush of the week. Pizza and laughs were had as we hosted friends, actors, and writers for feedback and fun. Next up: table reading “When We Were Drunk”, a sitcom about barely functioning millenials making bad choices to hilarious effect.

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